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Is Your Business Struggling to Manage Paper Related Documents in 2021? 

Many things have changed and businesses are facing new challenges on how employees can search and retrieve documents quickly from remote locations.

Docit Can provide storage, search, and retrieval from many of the places you may already be using....Google Drive, Sharepoint, Box, OneDrive, Dropbox, Icloud, or Private Cloud.

We Provide Document Management Solutions and Software for Every Size, Type, and Budget of Businesses All Document Management Solutions Processing Include:

  • Capturing of Documents From Dedicated Scanners,  MFP Devices, Email, or Direct Printing

  • Manual or Automatic Indexing 

  • Instant Search and Retrieval of Documents

  • Anywhere Storage and Retrieval


We can also set up Private Cloud Storage with Full Authentication, Audit Trails, Login, Logout and more... Fast, Simple, and Easy retrieval From Anywhere


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