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Avast® Business Cloud Backup

Data Cloud

AVG Online backup is available in shared 25 GB storage blocks and is not device specific. Your costs are based  on the total amount of storage needed across devices and can be adjusted  monthly at anytime. Safe Business Practices recommend three backups: Backing to a dedicated drive on the Server, backing that to a NAS, and backing that to the cloud.

Price: $25.00 per 25 GB Block


  • 256 bit AES encryption at device level

  • 128 bit SSL sign on

  • 256 bit AES at Data Centers

  • Private Redundant Cloud 

  • Secure user Password enforcement

  • And more....

Standard Features:

  • Shared Storage Blocks

  • 25 GB Increments

  • Automatic Scheduled Backups

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Easy to Use File/ Folder Selection

  • Implementation by Digital Onesource

  • Simple Monthly or Quarterly Billing

All Backup Solutions can be per Device or part of our Monthly Network Services and Solutions Management Program.

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